This is our rotation of volunteers for Sunday morning. Watch the printed bulletin to know when it is your turn.

Billie Joe & Mary Michael
Ed & Susie Michael
Brenda Matthews & Karrie Tosetti
Donald Hill
Lisa Furlow & Becky Warner
Mike & Marla McCall

Special Music
Rebecca McKinney
Nick & Sarah Merano
Trista Casey
Pastor Chris
11/15 – Amber Huff
11/22 – Praise Band
Grace Group

Media Team
11/15 – Jaydah & Devy
11/22 – Ellouise & Zac
Amber & Cory

Nursery (Sunday School hour)
11/15 – Ronnie Eaton
11/22 – Jennelle Huff
Susie Michael
Brenda Matthews

Nursery (church service hour)
Ed & Susie Michael
11/15 – Matthew Hill & helper
11/22 – Ronnie & Natalie Eaton
Donald & Nancy Hill
Brenda Matthews
Barb Thompson & Terrisa Kirchner

Children’s Church Helper
Jennelle Huff
11/15 – Nick Merano
11/22 – Anna Brookens

We’re grateful for the many people who serve the church in these ways! If you would like to be added to this list, or if you are unable to fulfill your assigned date and cannot find a substitute, please contact us.