Easter Schedule 2019

Easter celebrates one of the most significant events in all of history: how Jesus rose from dead. So on this very special day of the year, we have a special schedule!

8:30 am: “Sunrise” Service

Our schedule will begin with a early worship service at 8:30 am. Just as the women arrived early in the morning on that first Easter morning to find that Jesus had risen from the grave, we arrive earlier than usual to celebrate the resurrection. This is a very brief service, as we simply look at the story of the first Easter morning.

9:15 am: Egg Hunt

At 9:15 am, we’ll let the children loose to hunt for the hundreds of plastic eggs filled with candy hidden on our church lawn. The youngest ones are released first, and then the older children will (hopefully) find all the ones they missed! If it is too wet outside in the morning, the egg hunt will still proceed indoors.

9:30 am: Breakfast & Sunday School

Come enjoy a hot breakfast at 9:30 am. Once everyone has had enough to eat, we will have just a few brief moments to study the Bible together in our Sunday School classes.

10:30 am: Worship Service

The final celebration of the day is our regularly scheduled worship service at 10:30 am. The sermon is title, “Where’s Jesus?” using Luke 24:1-3 as the text. While the women who went to the tomb first couldn’t find the body of our Lord, we know where He is. Jesus lives. We will be encouraged to rest and rejoice in Jesus, who not only died for our sins, but rose victoriously from the grave!

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