We Serve at Nokomis Christian Missions

Nokomis Christian Missions is a great ministry in which churches in and around Nokomis partner together to serve our community. Together, we help with a variety of needs, ranging from clothing to household goods to furniture to everything in between. It’s really a great place for anyone to find all sorts of things that they need at unbelievably low prices.

All of the items for sale have been donated by members of our community. It’s a beautiful thing to see how much we come together to help one another. That being said, the Mission is always in need of more donations, whether monetary or items for resale. You can give monetary donations into the blue donation box in the Mission, or drop off donations for resale into the shed behind the Mission during open hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 9 am – 1 pm.

The Mission currently provides several other services as well. We help fire victims with clothing and other needs. We give baby baskets to families who recently had a baby. We provide a venue where community service hours can be done. It’s also a central hub where you can get information on any other need that you may have, whether food or heat or spiritual.

Grace Baptist serves at Nokomis Christian Missions every fourth Wednesday of the month at 6 pm. We sort through donations, clean the facilities, and decorate the storefront windows. We’d love to have you come and serve with us! It’s a great way to give back to a great ministry, serving both the Mission itself, as well as our community.

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