Grace through the Cross

We’ve had our logo for a few years now. We put it on our bulletins, on our website, we even ordered a huge metal version of it and fixed it to the side of our church building. Many people who drive around or through Nokomis have commented how great it looks there.

But our logo is more than a nice decoration. It means something.

The idea behind our logo is that we have grace through the cross. This is conveyed simply by having the tail of the ‘g’ from the word grace flow over the word and create the horizontal beam of the cross. We have grace, through the cross.

Of course, we don’t mean that the symbol itself is what gives us grace. Wearing a cross around your neck won’t save your soul. Hanging it in your house and using it as a good luck charm won’t do you any good.

The cross is the symbol of the death of Jesus Christ. When we say that we have grace through the cross, what we’re saying is that we have grace through what Jesus did for us on the cross. He died for our sin, that we would experience the grace of God.

This is the message that we believe. This is the message that we offer to you. It’s the gospel of God. The good news. Get grace through the cross, and be saved.

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