Sermon Series Preview | Luke: The True Story of Jesus

Luke - The True Story of Jesus - promoWho is Jesus? What do we really know about him? What was he really like?

We can be guilty of creating Jesus in our own image. You might sometimes picture Him as always blessing, always welcoming, and never condemning anyone. Or on the flip side, you might picture Jesus as judgmental, cold, and angry. But neither of these depictions are accurate.

Jesus blessed, but He also rebuked. He judged, but He also forgave. He had a righteous anger toward sin, but He loved sinners and even died for them.

We need to cast off our preconceptions about Jesus, and find out the truth about Him. Starting May 25, Pastor Chris will be preaching through the book of Luke looking at the true story of Jesus. Come and learn who Jesus really was and is, and how He can change your life.

You can listen to this sermon series live on Sunday mornings at 10:30 am CT, and each sermon will be archived with past sermons on our website each Tuesday.

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