Sermon Series Preview: Be in Awe

Be in AweHow should we feel about Jesus? During His ministry, Jesus did things that only Jesus could do. He made statements about Himself and His relationship with God that only Jesus could make. There’s no doubt that Jesus was powerful and awesome.

Yet when Jesus came to the end of His life and ministry, He went as a lamb to be slaughtered.

What emotions do you experience when you think about the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ? Sadness? Amazement? Reverence? The people who experienced these events firsthand had similar emotions. They often didn’t know what to make of this Jesus.

As we reflect on the end of Christ’s life, and then also His resurrection from the dead, be in awe of Him, and be humbled that He would do all this for your salvation and His glory.

You can listen to this sermon series live on Sunday mornings at 10:30 am CT, and each sermon will be archived with past sermons on our website each Tuesday.

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