Evangelism Conference

It’s time to take your faith to the next level.

When Jesus walked the Earth, he was seen as a radical. The way he lived and taught made him stand out from the crowd so that “the people were amazed at his teaching, because he taught them as one who had authority, not as the teachers of the law” (Mark 1:22, NIV). So also, if we are to be disciples of Jesus, we should be revolutionary in our lifestyle.

The Rehoboth Associational Evangelism Conference this year will be held at FBC Ramsey on January 17th & 18th at 7 pm each night. The theme this year is “Revolutionary Disciples.” Pat Pajak from the IBSA will be a speaker. Our regular Sunday evening service will be moved to FBC Ramsey on the 17th so that we can all take advantage of this opportunity to grow in our faith.

Not only should we each individually seek to be a revolutionary disciple of Christ, but we should also all collectively seek to make revolutionary disciples in our church through our evangelism and discipleship models. This annual event is meant to bring the association of 30+ churches together in unity to rejuvenate those that attend with worship and encouragement to carry back into their own church life. We all long to be more faithful and on fire for Christ. Please make plans to attend at least one night of this event.

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